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Crescent Moon’s ‘Stellar Wanderer’ Release Date and Trailer Revealed

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Crescent Moon’s next big game, Stellar Wanderer developed by Dreambuilder Studios, has a release date, price, and a trailer just ahead of launch. You’ll be able to play this “space opera" for $4.99 next Thursday, February 18th. It’s looking rather gorgeous and intriguing, for sure, especially after getting to see the game in action in the just-released launch trailer:

The idea behind Stellar Wanderer is that you can play it in several different ways with four different classes: Fighter, Trader, Tank, and Engineer. Want to mine for resources to progress through the story and side missions? Go for it! Want to become a space pirate? Why, that’s allowed too. The developers are promising over 10 hours of gameplay, so there should be plenty to do here when you play it on Thursday. Check out the upcoming forum thread for more on this intriguing space opera.

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