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Kanye West Debuts First Footage of His Upcoming Video Game ‘Only One: The Game’

During a livestream event unveiling the third season of Kanye West’s clothing line Yeezy, the international rap artist and notoriously humble celebrity also unveiled the first footage of his forthcoming video game, which he briefly talked about during a radio interview almost a year ago. The game is called Only One: The Game, and it’s about Kanye’s late mother Donda traveling through the gates of Heaven. It’s actually a very visually beautiful looking game, surprisingly enough. The game announcement starts at about 1:40 in the video below (contains NSFW language, fyi):

Mobile gamers may recognize the name of Kanye’s game, as there’s already a mobile game called Only One (Free) by developer Ernest Szoka. Could this be the beginnings of a mega-celebrity/solo indie developer legal showdown? Probably not, but it is kind of funny. There’s no details about what you do in Only One: The Game gameplay-wise, nor have any platforms been confirmed yet, but I have a good feeling it’ll be a mobile game of some kind. When more news hits about this we’ll let you know.

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