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‘Saber’s Edge’ Match-3 RPG Finally Leaves Amazon’s Fire Phone, Soft Launches on iOS

Hibernum Creations has soft launched their match-3 RPG Saber’s Edge in New Zealand, finally bringing this long-time Amazon exclusive to iOS. The game has you assembling a team of heroes, upgrading their stats and equipment, and battling it out using match-3 grids. However, each character has their own grid, and you can link attacks from grid to grid in combat. It’s looked like a rather promising take on the genre, and hopefully it’ll hit worldwide soon enough. Check out the soft launch thread on our forums.

What’s kind of interesting is that this was initially an Amazon exclusive, actually being one of the Fire Phone launch titles. The Fire Phone crashed and burned. In fact, Amazon Game Studios has been quiet on the mobile front since they released 4 games in a few months. I wondered if this and other Amazon games like Sev Zero would hit iOS, and it looks like at least this one is, but without Amazon involved at all. What their future on mobile will be remains to be seen, but their back catalog might not be involved at all. I’m curious how long the iOS soft launch will last; perhaps the monetization is being tweaked to ensure it’s up to 2016 standards instead of in the dark Fire Phone ages.