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Loot-Filled Action RPG ‘Fantasy Mage’ Arrives Next Week, Here’s a New Trailer

A couple of weeks back we posted about an upcoming top-down action RPG titled Fantasy Mage from Illogical Games, and today they’ve confirmed to us that the game is on its way to the App Store soon and scheduled to arrive next Tuesday, February 16th. In case you missed the video from our post before, below is the brand new launch trailer for Fantasy Mage which should give you a pretty good idea what the game is all about.

Fantasy Mage will come with a whopping 60 levels, and each level will need to be cleared of enemies before moving on to the next. During your battles you’ll earn loot to equip your character with, like boots, hats, robes, and spells. Enemies are based around 3 elements–fire, water, and earth–and a big part of the gameplay is figuring out which weapons are most effective against each enemy type. With normal, rare, and legendary loot to unlock and tons of levels and enemies, Fantasy Mage sounds like it will be a lot of fun. Look for it next Tuesday for $2.99 with no IAP.