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Upcoming ‘Cube Escape: Birthday’, from ‘Rusty Lake Hotel’ Developer, Looks Intriguing

Developer Rusty Lake has shown that it has its finger on the pulse of creeping people out with its use of imagery, sound, and theme. Or it could be the developers know what I find somewhat creepy and use it in all their trailers. After the very weird (in a good way) trailer for their game Rusty Lake Hotel ($1.99), the devs have another trailer out for their upcoming Cube Escape: Birthday, the continuation of their Cube Escape series, and it’s once more a really well-made trailer that makes me want to check out the game simply because of the tone. Although I usually don’t care much about room escape games, this one definitely has the kind of atmosphere I enjoy. And it has a black cat at the end, which I can’t ignore otherwise my own black cat would hold it against me forever (and you know how cats are).

Cube Escape: Birthday is the seventh in the Cube Escape series and a continuation of the Rusty Lake story. If you’ve played the Rusty Lake Hotel game, you can use a secret code in Cube Escape: Birthday to access some in-depth story flash backs. The developers like to tie their games together into one quite cryptic universe, and this upcoming one will be no exception. The game’s coming out soon for iOS and Android, and you’ll be able to download it for free. So, if you like creepy room escape games, this might be a great one to try.