New ‘Wayward Souls’ Update Arriving Feb. 18th, Adds Gauntlet Mode and Tweaks to Pets

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We didn’t hear a whole heck of a lot from Wayward Souls ($7.99) after we awarded it our Game of the Year honors back in late 2014, but that wasn’t really a big deal as the game was already so darn incredible as it was. However, Rocketcat has had major plans for Wayward Souls ever since its release, and although it’s taken quite some time those plans are starting to come to fruition, starting with the big update last month that added a whole new pet system into the game. Now we’re close to getting even more of those plans in an update that adds in a wicked sounding Gauntlet Mode and which Kepa from Rocketcat says will be available on the 18th of this month.

The Gauntlet Mode is a 6-floor dungeon that’s designed to be quick to play through but will be extremely difficult. Yes, one of the most difficult iOS games is getting a new mode that’s designed to be more difficult. Gauntlet mode will also feature 4 boss fights, throwing each of the game’s existing 4 bosses at you but with new AI routines and other changes as detailed by Kepa that will make them a new and challenging experience for veteran players. The 6 floors of Gauntlet Mode are arrangements of existing levels, and as Kepa also explains in the above link, “the first level is a mix of the mines, orc, boar, golem, and moss rooms. I think this actually ends up being more difficult than endless in the short term, especially once you get to the castle and catacombs style areas and have to fight an entire room of mana inks and resurrection mages."

In addition to the awesome-sounding Gauntlet Mode, this next update also includes a ton of tweaks to the pets that were introduced in the last update. Most significantly is the addition of a new pet, the Cave Crab, as well as an increase in the percentages of coming across a regular pet or a rare pet. They’ve also fixed the Rocketcat pet not attacking bug, and balanced many other pets, as detailed in this post. Finally, you’ll now be able to unlock the different classes in the game by finding chests while playing, instead of having to actually beat each area in the game. This is so those of us who aren’t quite skilled enough to beat this difficult game can still experience all the character classes.

After this update arrives on the 18th, then the really big update that adds in the new Paladin class and its own new game mode should be coming up next, likely in late March or April and closely coinciding with the PC release of Wayward Souls. Big things are still in store for this classic, so buckle up!

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