‘Twofold Inc’, the New Game by the Developer of ‘Rymdkapsel’, is Out Now

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If you’ve played Rymdkapsel, you probably know that the developer managed to make a highly-engaging game with minimalist graphics, and Twofold Inc. ($3.99), the developer’s new game that’s just released on the App Store, looks to do the same. As we wrote about a few days ago, this is one of those games that’s hard to describe without actually seeing it in action, and even a simple trailer can’t really do it justice. The developer describes the game as a “humble puzzle game" where you scroll the playfield to unravel the tiles, then make a path to clear them away. The levels are never-ending, there are no time limits, and in general the game seems to be more of an introspective puzzle rather than a frantic one like most puzzle games on the App Store.

Twofold Inc. is tailor made for those moments of downtime in your life, according to Grapefrukt Games, but one that still requires skill to do well and one that players should improve at as they practice. This is supposed to be a puzzle unlike any other you’ve played before, and I hope that’s the case because we’ve been getting too many carbon copy puzzle games recently. Twofold Inc. sounds like the kind of puzzle game I like because I’m not usually one for puzzle games that feel like spinning a dozen plates and hoping not to smash them all. The game is out now, and it will set you back $3.99.

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