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‘Faif’ Developer Beavl is Going All-In on Mermen with ‘Tail Wrestling’, the First of a Series of Mermen-Themed Games

You may know developer Beavl from their stylish and inventive games like Faif ($1.99) or Kapsula (Free), or you may know them from Monster Streaking (Free), a game where you get to run around as a naked horror movie monster. If that silly last game is more your style, then you’re going to be stoked for what Beavl currently has cooking. They’ve created an entire universe based on mermen, the male version of mermaids, and have dubbed it #3Mermen. Their first merman-themed game is called Tail Whip, which is like arm wrestling but with merman tails. Yep.


Beavl says Tail Wrestling will feature “game mechanics from different game genres such us tapping games, reaction games, simulation games, RPGs and point-and-click adventures… WHAT?" Sounds a bit crazy, but I’ve seen crazier genre mashups work out just fine. In addition to the lovely and very colorful pixel art and unique gameplay, they say to expect “Lots of secrets, unlockable characters and tight character progression." Honestly, as wacky as this all sounds, it also sounds really cool. To get people hyped for the #3Mermen movement, Beavl is interviewing real-life mermen from across the globe, and the first interview with merman Tony Ray is up on their website. All of these real-life mermen will be unlockable characters in Tail Wrestling.

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What the hell prompted Beavl to become obsessed with mermen? What will the next game in the #3Mermen universe be? Is water really the essence of wetness, and wetness the essence of beauty? All these questions and more will be answered in 2016, the year of the mermen according to Beavl. Look for Tail Wrestling to arrive on both iOS and Android at some point in the coming months.