‘Lock Blocks’ Is a Simple Puzzler You Play on Your Lock Screen… Which Apple Almost Assuredly Won’t Like

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The history of the App Store has been filled with weird little things that slip through the cracks and provide functionality Apple… Well, didn’t really intend on anyone doing. This inevitably leads to those things getting nuked from orbit on the App Store by the powers that be at Apple. Apps with “hidden" emulators inside them fit inside of this category, as do all the weird little games and apps which run in Notification Center, and apps which used the volume buttons before that was allowed. (Although I guess Overglide ($0.99) is still on the App Store, probably because PCalc won the Notification Center argument for them.) Today’s craziness comes courtesy of Lock Blocks (Free), a game you can play while your phone is locked.

We’re no strangers to ridiculously gimmicky stuff, and this game is definitely that, which makes it perfect for TouchArcade. So the way you play Lock Blocks is by starting the app, locking your phone, flipping it around, and then playing it using the music controls on the lock screen. The game is then played through the upside down (or, I guess, since you’re holding your phone this way, right side up) album art. Here’s the game in motion:

It’s one of those things that seems like Apple wouldn’t really like, based on historical precedence of them not being too into apps that do things with iOS that they didn’t intend… And it seems like playing a game with your phone locked is definitely that kind of thing. Of course, them even knowing about it or caring about is is dependent on the game seeing any kind of reach so hopefully some big iOS games web site doesn’t publicize it so people know about it…


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