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‘Infinite Skater’ is a Drop Dead Gorgeous Endless Runner from the Creators of ‘Make it Rain’

It’s not that often I get all excited for a behind-the-back runner, but every once in a while one comes along that’s unique enough in a certain way that I can’t help it. That’s the story with Infinite Skater, an upcoming endless runner from developer Space Inch, who you may know from their ultra-popular clicker Make It Rain (Free) or the quirky OK Go word game Say the Same Thing (Free). So what is it about Infinite Skater that caught my attention? The art style. Oh boy, the art style. Check out this brief trailer.

That gorgeous art style is courtesy of Jona Dinges who, after digging around on his Twitter account, appears to have been working on Infinite Skater with Space Inch for more than a year. While the game is indeed damn beautiful it’s also interesting due to its use of skateboard tricks which look awesome in motion, as well as things like being able to launch up in the air off a spine ramp and do a trick or the gigantic “spirit animals" you can trigger while you play. This isn’t just another endless runner.

Curiously, Infinite Skater is supposed to come out this Thursday, which typically means it should be in some region’s App Store by now but that’s not the case just yet. We’ll be keeping an eye out for it though and if it doesn’t happen to come along by the normal time our Out Now post goes up later, we’ll give you a heads up whenever it does become available.