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‘Crush Your Enemies’ Promises Old-School RTS Gaming, Cross-Platform Multiplayer, and Beards on Everything

Much like the term “roguelike" has been watered down and stretched out over the years, so too has the real-time strategy genre. Games like Clash of Clans (Free) and Game of War (Free) have dominated the App Store and are often billed as RTS games, and even though they have tens of millions of players chances are pretty good many of them have never even heard of the Starcrafts or Age of Empires or Command & Conquers of the world. Don’t get me wrong, these new strategy games are great and fit well on mobile, but sometimes you just want an RTS that gets back to the old-school basics. That’s the promise of Crush Your Enemies, an upcoming RTS from developer Vile Monarch and publisher Gambitious. The humorously obnoxious trailer captures the tone and intent of Crush Your Enemies quite well.

Crush Your Enemies is heading to PC, Mac and Linux in addition to iOS and Android, and with its cross-platform multiplayer it means there should be a healthy mix of opponents to take on. If multiplayer isn’t your thing there’s a full single-player campaign as well. In addition, the PR accompanying the announcement promises that Crush Your Enemies will be “overflowing with delightful bloodshed, naughty curse words, and downright weird boss battles, like a giant head-butting Death Snail." Um, can you say sign me up? Look for Crush Your Enemies to launch on all the previously mentioned platforms sometime this spring.