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‘Ys Chronicles 2’ Releases in February for iOS and Android

The long-running Ys action-RPG series is returning to iOS with Ys Chronicles 2, the remake of the second game in the series. DotEmu announced it last summer at E3, and a release date has finally been confirmed for February 10th on iOS and Android. Shaun’s review of the first Ys Chronicles ($1.99) game is well worth reading, and the sequel has some similarities in combat, but with even more of a shoot ’em up feel once magic gets involved. Shaun also says that “the two games are best enjoyed together as one big game," so you might want to pick up the first Ys Chronicles and play through that before you go through this one. Don’t make Shaun mad. Also, the two Ys Chronicles games were regularly re-released together.

Ys Chronicles 2

I’m sure Shaun will have lots of thoughts on this game to drop when this one releases on February 10th, so get excited. Titan Quest was announced around the same time, and we’re still waiting on that one from DotEmu to release at some point, but if the other game they announced at E3 is coming out, maybe we can hope for Titan Quest sometime this spring…