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’99 Moons’ is a New Fast-Reaction Platformer from the Developers of ‘Hex Brutal’

England-based studio RisingHigh, who have done some games for publisher Appsolute Games, including Hex Brutal (Free) and Impossible Caves (Free), have announced their first independent release, coming out in early February: 99 Moons. I’m not entirely sure why it’s called 99 Moons since it has 240 challenging levels for you to jump through, but each one takes place on a circular stage where you have to jump through dangerous paths, all named after different moons in the solar system, so you might just have to jump through 99 of them.

Much like RisingHigh’s other games, 99 Moons isn’t the most innovative game, but it’s well-made and pretty darn fun. Plus, it’ll have several different characters to unlock as you collect the stars in game. This one releases as a free download on February 4th.