This Week’s ‘Hearthstone’ Tavern Brawl is ‘Captain Blackheart’s Treasure’ Once More

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Back in 2015 (sounds so long ago now, doesn’t it), Hearthstone (Free) crashed one Wednesday under the weight of a Tavern Brawl called Captain Blackheart’s Treasure, and it took another effort for this Brawl to finally be playable a couple of weeks later. Well, Hearthstone‘s infrastructure has definitely improved because this week we are getting Captain Blackheart’s Treasure again and the game hasn’t crashed (famous last words?). If you haven’t played this Brawl before, CBT was supposed to be our introduction to the Discover mechanic prior to the launch of League of Explorers, but the whole Hearthstone client imploding thing got a bit in the way. Each turn, you get three cards, and you have to pick one to put in your hand. The cards can be of various costs, so you’ll often have to think about the later turns as you try to build a strong hand.

While we aren’t getting a new Brawl this week, I enjoy CBT so I have no complaints about having to play this one again. The Discover mechanic is one of the most entertaining ones in the game, so getting a whole mode dedicated to it makes for fun and unpredictable encounters. Add to that how CBT is more evidence that Hearthstone‘s client is constantly improving, and I call it a fine Wednesday. The Brawl is live in NA and soon the rest of the world, so go “Discover" your Classic Pack.


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