Hey Masochists, ‘Mr. Jump’ Update Coming Next Week with 12 New Levels

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Mr Jump (Free), the brutally difficult precision platformer from 1Button that took the App Store by storm last spring, is getting ready to unleash a brand new update on its masochistic players. This update will introduce “World C" which contains 12 brand new levels and a couple of new features to look out for. First up are teleporters, which as you’ll see in the trailer below are used in mind-bending ways to beam you back and forth around a level’s many hazards. Then you have what 1Button is calling “reversible spikes" which are these jerkwad spikes that keep flashing on and off like jerks. Basically, World C looks like the next level of Hell.

I really enjoyed Mr Jump when it released–wait, is “enjoyed" the right word? This game kicked my ass all over the place, but yeah, I guess I’d say I enjoyed it. Anyway, I’d thought my days of self-inflicted pain were over since the last content update to Mr Jump was all the way back in May of last year. Alas, here we are again. If you too enjoy the brutal punishment of Mr Jump you can look for the World C update to hit next week on January 28th. And as always, if you like and appreciate what we do here at TouchArcade please consider chipping in some support to our Patreon which helps keep the news and reviews flowing. Thanks!

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