Upcoming ‘Power Hover’ Update to Bring a Chill with New Snow Level

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Last month brought the release of Oddrok’s Power Hover ($3.99), a behind-the-back hoverboarding game with an incredibly stylish look. Now, a little over a month later and Oddrok has begun teasing some of what to expect in the game’s first content update. Backing up a bit, one of the things we loved most about Power Hover in our review is the number of truly interesting environments you got to hoverboard around in, and how cinematic the game could feel with its dynamic camera changing between various dramatic angles. Basically, with the cool visuals, great music, and smooth movement, Power Hover is a game that’s simply fun to play and is the perfect game to kind of zone out with. So, as for the update, Oddrok says you can expect a brand new snow level and they’ve offered up a .gif preview which you can see below.

Boy, I tell you I cannot wait to jump into this new level, it looks awesome! Power Hover is one of those games that feels like it’s flown under the radar a bit since its release, and I think I know why. It uses an interesting physics system that gives your rider real weight, so getting comfortable with controlling the game can take some practice. From what I’ve seen, this is the kind of game you either love or you hate. However, I love it, so I’m pretty stoked to see what sort of other stuff Oddrok has in the works for updates. They’ve hinted that the update will include snow and fire, so fire level anyone?

No word on exactly when the update will hit but it sounds like it’ll be pretty soon, in the meantime check out the forums for some discussion on Power Hover, and if you enjoy what we do here at TouchArcade please consider supporting us on Patreon.

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