Delightfully Morbid Puzzler ‘Sunburn!’ is Currently Free

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One of my favorite games of 2014 was Secret Crush’s planet-hopping, gravity-based action puzzler Sunburn! ($2.99), and for the first time and likely a limited time you can nab this unique puzzler for free. Those who aren’t familiar with Sunburn! may be wondering what the heck it’s all about, and I’d be happy to tell you! The premise is one of the best things about this game. You’re a space captain, and a comet has come along and destroyed your ship, leaving you and your crew stranded in space. There’s no getting out of this one, no one coming to rescue you. You’re all going to die.

The only thing within your control in this scenario is how you go out. You make a pact that no one should have to die alone in space, so as captain your job is to gather up your crew scattered around each level, get everybody tethered together at the waist, and launch yourselves into the sun so you can all burn up quickly and painlessly together. Ok, I’m probably wrong about the painlessly part, but having the heat of the sun disintegrate your body HAS to be much more pleasant than slowly suffocating to death out in space.

The funny part about all this (yes there’s a funny part to this horrific scenario) is that everyone in the game is surprisingly upbeat about their situation. I guess when you’re training to become an astronaut you know going into it that it’s an inherently dangerous job, so when one of the million things that can go wrong DOES go wrong, you’re not totally taken by surprise. Anyway, the lighthearted approach that Sunburn! takes to group suicide means that all the characters have funny personalities and aren’t scared to crack little jokes about their current situation. Combined with the games wonderful pixel art, it makes for a very entertaining and endearing game. It’s also sufficiently challenging with a ton of levels to play through, and for free there’s really no reason not to grab Sunburn! right this very moment.

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    Your ship is gone. Your crew is scattered. One option remains. Gather your crew... and jump into the sun. Reunite…
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