Multiplayer-centric Space Shooter ‘Astro Duel’ Heading to Apple TV this Week

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One of the greatest things about iPads (and iPhones to a certain extent) is being able to bust one out with a group of friends and all get down and dirty with some same-device multiplayer gaming. It’s a niche market for sure, but there’s nothing quite as fun as trash-talking someone to their face as multiple people all try to utilize the same tiny screen space. It’s couch gaming with your buddies for these modern times.

One of the best same-device multiplayer games is Rusty Moyher’s Astro Duel ($4.99), which released in July of last year. The premise is pretty simple. Up to 4 players can each grab a corner of the screen and control a little spaceship with inertia-based movement and utilize several types of weapons in an effort to blast your buddies out of space and remain the last ship standing. So yeah, in short it’s competitive multiplayer Asteroids. Anyway, it’s great fun, and the good news this week is that the Astro Duel experience is heading to the big screen in your living room with a new version for Apple TV.

Astro Duel on Apple TV can be controlled using the Siri Remote (obviously), MFi controllers, or the forthcoming Astro Duel Remote app running on an iPhone. This isn’t too surprising as Astro Duel on the iPad also utilized optional outside remote controls like iPhone apps and MFi. Best of all is that Astro Duel on the Apple TV will be universal with the iPad version, so if you already own that one you’ll automatically get the Apple TV version for free when it hits this Thursday. That should also be when the Astro Duel Remote app launches. If you don’t own an iPad or an Apple TV and feel like you’re missing out on all the fun, Astro Party (Free) is a special spinoff of Astro Duel for use on iPhone-sized screens and is free to download and check out if you’re curious. Otherwise look for Astro Duel on the Apple TV later this week.

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