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Foursaken’s Sci-Fi Runner ‘All is Lost’ Gets First Trailer, Targeting Early February for Release

Back in late November Foursaken Media announced their new upcoming game All is Lost, a sci-fi runner that aimed to have a more serious tone and a heavier focus on timing, speed, and sequence than similar games in the genre. The premise was really cool. Your job is to rescue crew members from various space stations that are in trouble around the galaxy. You do this from behind a security camera that allows you to not only control the actions of the escaping crew members but also control mechanisms like opening doors and neutralizing hazards so the crew member has a clear path of escape. Check it out.

As easy as it is to be totally tired of auto-runner platformers, I love everything Foursaken Media puts out and appreciate them trying to do something different in the crowded genre. Along with today’s brief video for All is Lost, Foursaken has also submitted the final build to Apple for approval, and they’re hoping the game will launch at some point in early February. You can get in on the discussion surrounding All is Lost in the forums, and keep an eye out for this one soon.