Cartoon Network’s ‘Steven Universe – Attack the Light’ is Coming to Apple TV

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News surrounding Apple TV game releases has slowed to an absolutely crawl, which is pretty understandable considering how poorly the platform seems to be doing for developers. Yesterday, Grumpyface Studios, the guys who are responsible for more than a few really great titles published through Adult Swim Games and Cartoon Network announced on our forums that the Steven Universe RPG, Attack the Light ($2.99) will be coming to the new Apple TV.

It’ll sport HD graphics, re-jiggered controls for the Apple TV remote, MFi controller support and an entirely new “Diamond Mode" which is an even higher difficulty level for the game. Cooler yet, it’s not going to be a separate release, instead it’s just getting updated with universal Apple TV support so if you already own the game you can just hop right in.

If you don’t yet own Attack the Light, you should fix that problem. We absolutely loved it in our review, which isn’t much of a surprise as practically everything Cartoon Network/Adult Swim releases is awesome. It’s a Mario RPG style game set in the Steven Universe, err, universe. It’s also just a good game too, so you really don’t need to have any ties to the IP to enjoy it.

Anyway, the Apple TV update is “coming soon," so keep your eyes peeled for that.

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