Fun ‘Dungelot’-Esque Roguelike ‘Runestone Keeper’ Now on iPhone

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The curious genre of roguelike where you uncover tiles to explore dungeons and battle enemies needs a good name, especially since Dungelot ($0.99) kind of established things. But there’s more than just Dungelot out there – in fact, there’s one pretty cool take on the genre called Runestone Keeper ($1.99) from Chinese studio Cimu and Blackfire Games that actually super-sizes the concept with bigger dungeons, more character classes, gods to align yourself with, and more. I played the game a while back on Mobcrush, and had fun with it.

The good news is that while you needed an iPad to play Runestone Keeper originally, the game was recently updated with iPhone support, so you can now check this one out and battle monsters through increasingly dangerous dungeons on a device that fits into your pocket…presuming you don’t have an iPhone Plus and wear skinny jeans. Runestone Keeper‘s update with iPhone and iPad Pro support is out now, and it’s a solid game to check out.

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    * Runestone Keeper is designed for iPhone 5 and above. It is NOT compatible with iPhone 4s and below. Runestone Keeper …
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