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Space Sim Strategy MMO RPG ‘Pixel Starships’ Launching Worldwide January 6th

Who hasn’t wanted to be the commander of a spaceship at one time or another? The answer is no one. Well you’ll get your shot at just that in just a few weeks when Savy Soda’s Pixel Starships launches on January 6th. The product of a successful crowdfunding campaign earlier this year, Pixel Starships tasks you with outfitting your very own ship with resource rooms, staff, and weapons. Once you feel like you’ve got something good you can test it out against others in online PvP. Check out the brand new trailer.

You can actually find several more extended looks at Pixel Starships on Savy Soda’s YouTube Page, though they are from earlier this year and I’m not sure how much of the game has changed between when the videos were taken and now. At any rate, this looks awesome! Pixel Starships is currently soft-launched in Austraila (and possibly other regions) and you can find a forum thread for the game right here if you’re interested in taking it for an early spin or want to see others’ impressions. Otherwise keep your eyes out for Pixel Starships when it launches globally on January 6th.