New iPhone Games Out Now and Coming Tonight: ‘Gods Of Rome’, ‘Scribblenauts Unlimited’, ‘Swing Copters 2’ and TONS More

This is it, the last day of releases before the iTunes freeze happens early next week. Today and tomorrow will be the busiest day(s) of the entire year for new games and updates on the App Store. What’s crazy is that most of the huge AAA has come with weird embargoes and strange Thursday afternoon planned release dates. So, this isn’t even all the games that are coming out this week. We’re probably going to need to do multiple out now’s, which is always fun, but, hey, whatever. It’s that magical time of year where every developer is fighting tooth and nail for the same number of feature slots available each week. Will it pay off? We’ll just have to wait and see…

Old Gold (by Andrey Razbakov)

Here’s what has been posted to our forums as of this writing:

Stay tuned for a full(er) roundup later this evening.