There’s A New Character Coming To ‘Implosion’ In January

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It feels like there’s a lot of news about Rayark’s excellent stylish action game Implosion ($1.99) lately, but not much of it has been about the game itself. There’s been an animated movie announced, and its Kickstarter campaign appears to be going well. Rayark has also started a serial comic based on the game, which you can read here. It’s another cool way to build on the world of the game, but hey, what about that game? Is it being left behind for the sake of more passive forms of media? Worry not, friends. Rayark hasn’t forgotten what brought Implosion to the dance, and they’re proving it by putting together a big update for January 2016.

The highlight of this update is the new playable character, Jonathan. He’s an impressive fighter who uses a gun in each hand to pull off some truly cool moves. His unique style should make it worth playing through the game again once or twice. I wonder what other surprises this update might bring with it, however? Rayark has provided us with a trailer, so maybe one of our eagle-eyed readers can spot something.

That update will be landing sometime in January barring unforeseen circumstances, so we won’t have to wait too long for all the details. In the meantime, why not check out that comic book and some of the art for the upcoming movie to keep your engines warm? Who knows, it might put you in the mood to run through the game again while you wait for Jonathan to arrive.

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