Five Alarm Freebie Alert: ‘Attack The Light – Steven Universe’ Is Free For The First Time

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Would you like to play a fun RPG today, but don’t have the cash to spare due to holiday burnout? The Cartoon Network has your back, friend. The Steven Universe RPG, Attack The Light ($2.99), has just gone free, no strings attached.Since the game has no IAP to speak of, you’re getting a full, great game for absolutely nothing in return. That’s an amazing deal for a game that earned a five-star review from the perpetually-grumpy Carter “3.5 Stars" Dotson and (spoiler alert) a spot on the upcoming RPG Reload’s Favorite RPGs Of 2015 list.

Attack The Light is described as a “light RPG", and that’s a fairly accurate descriptor. You explore dungeons by swiping from room to room, tapping on treasures and the occasional puzzle. Battles take a page from Nintendo’s Mario RPGs, with plenty of timing-based taps and gestures for special moves. It’s definitely a battle-heavy game, but the breezy nature of the exploration makes it ideal for short-burst gameplay in a way that few RPGs are built around. You don’t need to be a Steven Universe fan to appreciate it, either. I personally enjoyed the game quite a bit and I haven’t seen a single episode of the show.

At the time of writing, it’s not clear why the game has gone free or how long it will be that way, so you might want to grab it as soon as the price change goes live in your time zone. As early Christmas presents go, Attack The Light – Steven Universe is a pretty sweet one.


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