‘The World Ends With You Solo Remix’ Updated for iOS 9

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It was great news when The World Ends with You ($17.99) got an update to fix the game on iOS 8, because the game had been broken for quite some time. But then iOS 9 apparently messed the game up again, and we were left here wondering just when the game would work again. Well, good news, as discovered by our forum users – the game has just been updated again to work on iOS 9.

Kudos to Square Enix for getting this fixed once again, and I sure hope that if the game breaks again in a future iOS update that they fix it. Hopefully that’s not until iOS 10 and not an iOS 9.3 release or something. Which would be less their fault and more that Apple’s iOS updates seem to keep breaking things since this keeps happening with relatively complex games, that they keep breaking like this even on point updates. Now, 2K, any chance we could get BioShock updated since TWEWY’s been fixed twice and even Monster Hunter Freedom Unite is getting the update treatment?

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