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Noodlecake’s ‘Clocks’ Will Test Your Timing This Week

Noodlecake Games’ latest title is another venture into the high score chaser genre for them, and it releases this week. Clocks is a game about timing, as you shoot shots from your current clock, trying to hit another clock on the board, with the hand on the clock determining where you shoot. With the clocks rapidly spinning around, you have to react quickly to hit the targets accurately.

Clocks will boast two different gameplay modes: the level-based Quest mode where you have a limited amount of time per level to clear all the clocks will be the first mode you play; get far enough in Quest and you unlock Survival, where new clocks keep popping up, and you get points for each clock you hit, with rewards for quick shots. This is a solid little high score chaser from Noodlecake and Reddyset, and it drops this week as a free with ads game.