Here’s a Great ‘Town Hall 11 Update’ Guide and FAQ From ‘Clash of Clans’ Developer

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It’s been a few days since Supercell released the huge Clash of Clans (Free) Town Hall 11 Update, an update that many feel has changed the game dramatically. Most reddit Clashers have mixed feelings about the update, liking this part and not that part, which was to be expected when such a big update hits a game played by so many people. To help players understand all the changes and the extent to which they’ve altered how the game’s played, Supercell has put together an “Everything You Need to Know" webpage that lists in detail what the Town Hall 11 Update has done to the game. The page includes a ‘Bite Sized Guide’ of the Update as well as more extensive, and more in-depth, analysis of the various changes. If you are still unsure about anything relating to the Town Hall 11 Update, check out the guide here.

This webpage also raises the interesting question of what is a developer to do when making such drastic changes to a game as popular as Clash of Clans. We often forget that many players don’t bother going to forums, reddit, or anything like that and as a result, they are pretty oblivious of anything extraneous to the game they are playing. The Supercell Support Page has topics like “Why have my obstacles moved?" and other similarly-phrased topics, which point to Supercell trying to anticipate the questions of players unaware of all the update details. If you still aren’t sure about all the changes or you have a friend who has only the vaguest idea of what the Town Hall 11 update has brought to the game, this page will serve you well.

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