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‘Mad CEO’ Lets You be a Bad Boss in This Idle Clicker Business Simulation

Kappsule, who were invovled in the Android release of Wrassling (Free) from Colin Lane, are releasing an original simulation title on iOS: Mad CEO. You control the eponymous tyrant boss, as you hire employees and then work them to the bone, pushing them to make more and more money for you, spurring them back to work if they ever slack off. And when your company gets big enough, you sell off the whole thing and start on a new enterprise! It’s perhaps the most realistic simulation of serial entrepreneurship you can get.

The game is set up like an idle cicker without the clicking, as you spend the money your workers make on upgrading the money they pull in, completing objectives that net you gems, the game’s hard currency. This can be spent on permanent money boosts or doubling your current cash, with video ads that can grant you temporary boosts. If you enjoy the idle clicker genre and want to be an oppressive overlord in the safety of a fantasy setting, well, you can play this while you sit in the waiting room of the therapist you really ought to see.