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‘Super Senso’ Promises Competitive Turn-Based Action and Rocket Cats

A studio just simply named TURBO, with the all caps, and formed of AAA talent from wide swaths of the gaming industry, have just announced their first game in 2 years of existence: Super Senso. And while it’s been a long time coming, it’s looking pretty impressive in the first footage released of the game, showing off turn-based mech battling with rocket cats getting involved as well:

The game will involve synchronous, fast-paced multiplayer while still being turn-based. This one’s being aimed interestingly at competitive gamers, with eSports athletes brought on as consultants to the game. Also, TURBO is promising that they won’t do pay-to-win with the game, saying “Microtransactions will afford players with multiple choices for unlocking new content, as well as cosmetic personalization options." How that will work out will be seen, and I’m curious if they can build up a mobile eSports foundation around this one. But more importantly, will it be fun? Super Senso is set to launch in early 2016, and you can sign up now for public beta access.