‘Clash of Clans’ Town Hall 11 Update is Out Now!

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After weeks of teasing, Supercell has finally released the Clash of Clans (Free) Town Hall 11 update (although the servers are still offline). I wrote yesterday about all the new features and many changes coming to the game with this update, and now we have the official patch notes you can read at your leisure. Very briefly, the update adds Town Hall 11, we are getting a new Hero, the Grand Warden, and a new defense, the Eagle Artillery. We are also getting larger villages and more time to attack them, new troop levels, defense levels, and Clan Spell donation, the ability to attack through Shield at any time but with a penalty, guarding your play sessions when Shield’s down, Goblins will chase Town Halls, League Bonuses and Trophy offers have increased, and much more.

Go here to read about everything in detail, and then go see how the update has changed your favorite game. I hope it’s for the best, but do write in the comments how you feel about the update after you’ve messed with it for a bit; I’m curious to see how the community will react. Supercell has been selling this update as the kind that will keep the game healthy in the longterm, and while it might, I’m interested to see how the community will react in the shorterm. Servers should be online soon, so get ready to play!

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