‘The Incorruptibles’ is an RTS Take on ‘Clash of Clans’, Something New to do Ahead of Town Hall 11!

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It could be easy to say that The Incorruptibles (Free) from BonusXP is a lot like Clash of Clans (Free), and I mean, it’s not wrong to say that. It’s got guilds to join, a map to raid, resources to collect, and all that fun stuff. After all, many games ape its structure because the game makes a bajillion dollars, and the potential of a fraction of a bajillion dollars is still enough for the promise of driving a different Tesla every day of the week. But The Incorruptibles joins that small list of games that do Clash of Clans but mix up the combat. In this case, the combat in The Incorruptibles is straight-up RTS gameplay.

And of course, they had to mock the Game of War (Free) ads:

You have missions where you have to protect your level’s base from enemies, while collecting resources to build and upgrade towers from enemy assault, while upgrading your units. And on some levels, you’ll have limited resources as you attack enemy bases. You’ll have heroes to collect and upgrade, which is part of the hook here, but still, the core game is real-time strategy, without much compromise. This one is out now.

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