Friday’s ‘Clash of Clans’ Town Hall 11 Update Reveal is…Two New Achievements?

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So, remember when I said yesterday that some Clash of Clans (Free) players weren’t very excited about the last couple of Town Hall 11 Update reveals? Well, I’m pretty sure those players won’t be excited about today’s reveal, two new Achievements. Yes, that is pretty much all we got today. So, the two new achievements will be “Destroy the New Town Hall 11 Defense" and “Donate Spells to Your Clanmates." Both are pretty self-explanatory, especially in light of the ability to request/donate one Dark Spell to your clan mates that’s coming in the new update. While they haven’t officially revealed the name of the new Town Hall 11 Defense, it looks like it’s called Eagle Artillery. So yes, not the most exciting of reveals, which makes me think that the developers announced the reveal schedule before checking to see whether they had enough to spoil to begin with.

We also got a forum exclusive reveal, the reduction of the effectiveness of multiple Healers on the same target, especially when you have more than 6 healers. There won’t be a change to the range though, just the effectiveness. Also, the video above has some clarifications on the way the building changes will work, which should help you figure out how some of the changes will look in terms of gameplay. He also explains how spells can damage Town Halls, but you won’t steal any of the resources from them until the structure is completely destroyed. The video. So, not the best reveal today, but I’m hoping we’ll get the new Hero spoiled in the next reveal.

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