The Ruined City Wing of League of Explorers in ‘Hearthstone’ Now Open!

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Good news for Hearthstone (Free) players, the latest wing of “The League of Explorers" is now available in the Americas. The Ruined City can now be played. This wing has you collecting the Pearl of the Tides, the gem that goes into the headpiece of the Staff of Origination. Unfortunately, it’s in Stranglethorn Vale, and you’ll have to fight through dangerous creatures to obtain your reward with the help of Sir Finley Mrrgglton.


As always, this latest wing will net you extra cards, with 11 new cards to be had via this wing. So yeah, if you haven’t saved up the gold or just paid up front for the entire Adventure, get on that as soon as you can, as there’s more card rewards to be had!

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