‘Temple Run 2: Frozen Shadows’ Update Hits the App Store

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When Temple Run (Free) launched, absolutely no one would have ever called that the game was going to spawn such a massive genre of behind the back runners. Imangi has even released a few different versions of the game since the original, including Temple Run Oz ($1.99), Temple Run Brave ($1.99), and of course, Temple Run 2 (Free). Recently, it seems all the Imangi lasers have been squarely focused on Temple Run 2, and today’s release of the Frozen Shadows update might be the biggest update the series have seen yet.

As the trailer shows, Frozen Shadows (somewhat obviously) takes place in a frozen, totally new, temple. Additionally, new ice luge segments will have players not only running, but also sliding through the game world running from demon monkeys which this time around look a little yeti-ish. There’s even stunts you can perform now while sliding and jumping, for extra style points.

I’m really not sure how it’s possible to have not played a Temple Run game yet, but everyone should give this new update a try whether it’s your first run or you’ve had the game on your phone for years. It’s a classic title, which supremely player-friendly IAP.

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