Latest ‘Clash of Clans’ Town Hall 11 Update Reveal – Come See the New Level 7 Minions in Action

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Just as I suspected yesterday, Clash of Clans’ (Free) developers have revealed more attacking options to balance all the defense-heavy reveals that we’ve seen so far. Many Clashers have been complaining that Town Hall 11 will be like Fort Knox because of the new defenses and the 4 X-Bows. As expected, though, Supercell today revealed New Level 7 Minions that should balance out minion gameplay and should probably help players withstand more hits from fully upgraded Archer Towers. This upgraded minion was expected because of the upgraded defenses we’ve been seeing, and while we are still waiting to see the hero, as the video states, heroes function both in offense and defense, so he/she is not going to help you tear through those upgraded defenses.

It’s hard to know how these minions will change attack strategies because we don’t yet know their stats and effectiveness. Still, I would have to guess that the developers know what they are doing and that the minions’ addition should help fight against the new defenses. We also got a new Forum exclusive reveal today, with 1 hour Boost reduced to 5 gems for Heroes, Barracks, and Spell Factories, a change that has been very well received by Clashers. Check out the video for the new minions in action.


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