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‘Tomb of the Mask’ is Another Promising Pixel Art Game from Happymagenta

A programmer at Happymagenta revealed a promising swipe-based pixel art game not long ago before the game had an official name, but the studio has just confirmed the name of the game and some further details: Tomb of the Mask is well in development right now. I’ve gotten to play an early build, and it feels super-slick, as you swipe to escape an oncoming wave of destruction, while dodging spikes and enemies. While some commenters in the forum thread have compared the game to Downwell ($2.99), perhaps thanks to its procedural levels and pixel art look, I’d say the game is more akin to Pac-Man 256 (Free), though still its own thing.

Tomb of the Mask Logo

No word on when this is going to release, but it’s feeling pretty well-made as it is, so don’t be surprised if it’s sooner rather than later. As well, there’s Into the Dim, their monochrome take on turn-based roguelikes, which seems quite worth keeping an eye on as well. Happymagenta makes good games, but these two are looking particularly promising.