**Updated** Most Slitherine Strategy Games Are on Sale for Black Friday

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If you like strategy games on iOS, you can’t go wrong with Slitherine’s library, especially in these prices. Slitherine has established itself as the developer and publisher of numerous premium strategy games that are really some of the best strategy games you can get on iOS. The only issue holding back some gamers from buying these games is the often high (for iOS) price, although I see the prices as perfectly appropriate for what the games have to offer. Still, I can see how some balk at twenty dollar games in this day and age. Well, Thanksgiving-Black Friday has come to your rescue since Slitherine has dropped the price on almost all of its games. So, if you were holding back, this is your chance to get some of the best strategy games for pretty cheap. If I missed any strategy games or anything similar that’s on sale, feel free to add it in the comments.


Legion ($9.99)Review

Battle Academy ($19.99)

Battle Academy 2 ($19.99)

Great Battles Medieval ($9.99)Review

Panzer Corps ($19.99)

Pike and Shot ($19.99)Review

Hell: Fight for Gilrand ($9.99)Review

Buzz Aldrin’s Space Program Manager ($9.99)Review

Warhammer 40,000: Armageddon ($19.99)Review

Legions of Steel ($9.99)Review

Conquest! Medieval Realms ($2.99)

Magnifico ($3.99)

Frontiline: Road to Moscow ($2.99)Review

Qvadriga ($4.99)

Commander The Great War ($19.99)



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