‘Minecraft Story Mode’ Episode 3 Available Now on iOS

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Mojang and Telltale’s Minecraft Story Mode (Free) is not messing around when it comes to the release schedule. Episode 2 released about a week after the first episode’s release, and while it’s been a month between episodes at this point, Episode 3 is out today. That’s slower than the 1 to 2 speed, and we can only hope that things aren’t increasing exponentially as they could be. Otherwise, we might not get Episode 5 until 2017. You should be able to download the episode right now on iOS, though be patient if it’s not quite available yet.

The good news is that this should be available a bit earlier to iOS players than the usual Thurday Telltale releases. The bad news is that if you needed a convenient excuse to avoid the family on Thanksgiving by saying “Look, I love you all, but I gotta go play the new episode of Minecraft Story Mode," well, now you migh ave it beaten by the time that rolls around. You might have to actually talk to your family now. Sorry about that.

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