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‘Light Apprentice’ Comic Gamebook RPG Completes in One Fell Swoop This Week

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If you played Bulkypix’s Light Apprentice (Free), you might have been disappointed to realize that the promised future episodes of the game never actually came out. It was a shame because the game had a really promising start, mixing a comic-book-esque cel shaded visual style with gamebooks, and turn-based RPG combat. The game was pretty much just all potential at that point, though. The good news is that said potential is about to be realized, as Bulkypix and developer Amazu Media are releasing Light Apprentice Volume 1 this week on November 26th. And it includes all 4 episodes of the game in one package – the first one you may have played, and the three you have not.

So here’s the deal that might be a bit unpopular – Light Apprentice Volume 1 is going to be a separate app from the original Light Apprentice. It’s not the most ideal reality, but look at it this way. The first episode of Telltale episodic series are $4.99 or so when they first come out, but near the end of the series, they’re usually free. So, if you look at it that way, that the original Light Apprentice was you getting in on episode 1 early, and now you’re buying the season pass, with everyone else who gets in late getting the first episode for free, then it sounds alright. You have worse things to get mad about, I say. Just be thankful that on Thanksgiving, you’ll have an excuse to get away from your relatives and play this game, right?

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