Jessica Jones has Joined ‘Marvel Future Fight’ in Latest Update

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Marvel Future Fight (Free) continues to be popular, still holding a place in the top 100 grossing games on the App Store. Part of the reason for the game’s continuous success is the constant updates that pull into the game famous Marvel characters, and let’s face it, Marvel’s all the rage now. The game’s latest update brings Jessica Jones into the game just in time for Netflix’s Jessica Jones series. The game’s Jessica Jones looks a lot like Krysten Ritter’s Jones too, so good job on that. In addition to the new character, 4 new uniforms have been added for Iron Fist, Daredevil, Daisy Johnson, and Doctor Octopus, each costing 750 crystals. The new uniforms will only be available for a limited time, so don’t delay if you want to get them.

Marvel Future Fight

The update also added new skills for Daredevil, Daisy Johnson, Lincoln Campbell, Sif, Deathlok, Phil Coulson, Malekith, Angela, Ultron, Mockingbird, and Doctor Octopus. The update balances 10 characters, primarily to make them more effective in the game, and modifies various Attack ranges for a number of characters. If you want to check out all the details of the update, the buffs, and the nerfs, go here.



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