Waiting for ‘Clash of Clans’ Town Hall 11 Update? Here are Some Gift Ideas to Help Ease that Wait

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As pretty much all Clash of Clans (Free) players know, the game will soon get a pretty big update that will add Town Hall 11 along with many other features like changes in multiplayer matchmaking, session timers, village guard, and many more. While I was looking around for more info on the update, I kept bumping into all kind of Clash of Clans-related arts, crafts, and food stuff, so I decided to write this article. Since almost all Clash of Clans players are patiently (or impatiently) waiting for the update to drop, I thought I’d offer some possible gift ideas for those Clashers in your family. While these ideas won’t be for everyone, I also wanted to write this to show the game’s popularity outside the screens of your mobile devices. It’s always amazing to see a game’s universe and characters inspire people so much.

Clash of Clans Clash of Clans

The first item I found was, of course, Clash of Clans cakes. I’ve seen many gaming-related cakes recently, but I’d never seen Clans cakes. Although, to be honest, I’d rather see Clan Wars with cakes than just eat them. Sticking to the food related items, I also found these printable Clash of Clans Cupcake Toppers, which of course you could just turn into stickers. Another great idea was this Elixir Vial Keychain, which to be honest looked quite cool. If there are children around that love the game, you could get them something like a Coloring Page (which is also the cheapest present ever).

If you have a bit more money, time, and a will to impress, you could always get your tools and build either a full size bow and arrow (like in the video above), or a Mortar for the desk. And the final item I found was this pretty cool hand-knit Coffee Cup cozy sleeve, perfectly appropriate for the upcoming winter months. As you can see, some pretty cool ideas around, so hopefully one of these will help with the wait.


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