The Latest Mobile Game To Become A Movie Is Rayark’s ‘Implosion’

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If there’s one thing I know about video game movies, it’s that they’re always good. That’s why I’ve been a little sad that more mobile games haven’t had movies made of them. Sure, there’s an Angry Birds (Free)movie coming, but when will I see a feature-length Crossy Road (Free) film? Or a trilogy based on the saga that is Candy Crush Saga (Free)?

Okay, the truth is, some of the very strengths of mobile games tend to work against them ever successfully hopping formats to another type of media. They’re usually centered around fast, simple, pick-up-and-play gameplay with very little room for story, world-building, and fleshed-out characters. And hey, that’s fine, because so far very few video game-based movies have managed to even be decent, let alone great. That all being said, if I were to make a list of mobile games that could support a proper movie, Rayark’s stylish action game Implosion – Never Lose Hope ($1.99) would certainly be on it. The game’s story establishes an interesting setting but leaves a lot of it unexplained. There are actual characters and conflicts that could be mined for drama. Action scenes would be a breeze to pull off.

Apparently, Rayark thought so, too. They’ve announced their very first film project, and it’s based on Implosion. Titled Implosion: Zero Day, it’s an animated movie that seems to be a prequel to the events told in the mobile game. You can check out a teaser trailer and some sample art from the film by heading over to the official website, and there will apparently be a Kickstarter campaign going up in December to help support its creation. Only time will tell if the movie will be any good, but I’m confident in Rayark’s production chops, at least, and the Implosion universe is certainly worth further exploration. If nothing else, it’s pretty cool to see a mobile game besides Angry Birds expanding out into the wider world of entertainment.

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