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Smash Bats at High Speeds in ‘Planet Diver’

Fabraz Games, known for titles such as Cannon Crasha ($0.99), have just announced their latest title, and it’ll have you diving into planets with jet boots. Planet Diver is the name, and it will release on December 1st. While some comparisons may be made to Downwell ($2.99), this is a very different game, as it’s less Spelunky/roguelike-inspired and more like endless fallers, though the game features both level-based and endless modes.

You can move left and right, and also have an airbrake and a downward dash, the dash being used to boost on through enemies, the airbrake used to avoid rocks coming from above you. These abilities have to be mixed together in such a way that you can survive to the end of each planet dive, with objectives to complete and starstuff, the game’s currency, to collect along the way. And with said starstuff, you can get new costumes, new music, and gameplay mods. Planet Diver is planned to release on December 1st for $1.99.