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‘Goat Rider’ Is the Next Game From the Maniacs at BeaverTap Games

You’ve dodged walls in Radical (Free), you’ve moved walls in, well, Move the Walls (Free), but are you ready to ride goats in Goat Rider? Whether you are or not, the game is hitting the App Store this week, and there’s even a trailer featuring the guy with the beard:

The goal of the game is (obviously) to ride the goat as long as you can. Like other recent BeverTap Games, gameplay is super simple and centralizes around tapping the screen to survive as long as you can. This time around there’s a whole host of unlockables. There’s 100 riders in all to unlock right now, including 14 from different indie titles like Crossy Road, Disco Zoo, The Blockheads, and tons more.

Anyway, I’m sure we’ll talk about the game a bunch on this week’s episode of the podcast, so be sure to tune into that if you want to hear Mike Meade see how many Goldfish crackers he can stuff into his mouth at one time while providing insights on game development. Stick around for that, and the release of Goat Rider in the next couple days.