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‘Forbidden Desert’, the Fun, Cooperative Board Game, is Coming to Mobile

The upcoming Forbidden Desert is the “sequel" of sorts to the well-received Forbidden Island that came out on mobile a few years ago. Forbidden Desert is not as simple as Forbidden Island but not as complex as the other Mat Leacock game, Pandemic, which sounds like the right level of difficulty to me. If you don’t know anything about this game, players play members of an expedition digging in, well, a desert in an attempt to find and assemble the parts of a legendary flying machine (the plane without reclining seats). However, time isn’t on their side as a sandstorm is burying clues and on top of that, they are running out of water. In order to find that plane in time, you have to dig up clues that will help you figure out where in that sea of sand the various pieces lie. Its cooperative nature makes the game even more fun because you’ll have to work together to make it through the sandstorm before you meet your doom.

The digital port is being developer by Button Mash Games Inc, and apparently the game is pretty close to being complete except for the tutorials, rulebooks, and the testing part. The game will launch for iPad only and with no online multiplayer, but the developers have said online multiplayer will be added in the future as a free update. However, to be honest, cooperative games like this one are more fun when played face to face because of the interaction they engender. No idea when the game will release, but I’ll let you know when I have further information.

[via BoardGameGeek]