Stylish Adventure ‘Lost Echo’ Arrives on Android and Gets Huge Update on iOS, Follow-Up ‘Lost Echo: Resonance’ Gets a Trailer

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Lost Echo ($3.99) is a sci-fi mystery point-and-click adventure game that was originally released on iOS way back in September of 2013. It’s possible you don’t remember it because, frankly, it didn’t make a huge splash when it arrived and received mixed reviews from the media. However, it had a pretty devoted following of fans, especially in our forums, and the game has been praised for its excellent story and stylish look. Lost Echo is one of those games that probably didn’t get the full recognition it deserved when it released, but that hasn’t deterred developer KickBack Studios from continuing to work on it.

It’s taken a couple of years, but the planned Android version is finally available on the Google Play Store and Amazon App Store. So what the heck took so long? Well, KickBack spent those two years polishing and refining the experience for the Android launch, and all those improvements have made their way to the iOS version of Lost Echo in an update this week. Check out the brand new trailer.

In terms of improvements, KickBack states in the press release that “the game has better graphics, refined gameplay and controls, we have smoothed out the kinks, did dialogue edits, improved animations, improved performance, added 8 localisations, redid the menus, improved the fonts and typography. In short we have improved the game in every possible way." Not bad. In addition to the huge overhaul of Lost Echo, KickBack has also released a new trailer for Lost Echo: Resonance, the follow-up story that they’ve been teasing since just after the original game’s release.

Lost Echo: Resonance should fill in some gaps in the story and provide better closure than the original ending did. It should be released as an update to Lost Echo sometime in the near future. While not perfect, I think Lost Echo has a really interesting story to tell and universe to share with players. If you missed it during its first go around, and are interested in checking it out, now is probably the best time as it’s been given so much love in this new update. It’ll be interesting to see how Lost Echo: Resonance goes too, and if this franchise can continue on with even more episodes or sequels sometime down the road.

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