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Diminutive Dungeon Crawler ‘Tiny Rogue’ Coming this Thursday, New Trailer Released

A few weeks back we learned that Ravenous Games was working on something called Tiny Rogue, which as the name alludes to is a tiny turn-based roguelike dungeon crawler crafted in their trademark pixel art style. Well if you like the look of it then here’s some good news: Tiny Rogue is coming really soon, this Thursday November 12th in fact. I love when games come out super quickly after being announced! Check out the brand new trailer for Tiny Rogue.

There’s nothing I like more than a solid little roguelike that I can dive into just by pulling my phone out of my pocket, and Tiny Rogue looks like it’ll scratch all the right itches for me. If you’re feeling the same way, then look for Tiny Rogue this week and head into the forums for some discussion.