‘Space Noon’ is a Good Old-Fashioned Western Shootout… IN SPAAAACE!

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The Old West era of American history is pretty crazy. Not only could you die from disease, poverty, weather or any number of dangers of the time, but if some fella didn’t like the cut of your jib in the saloon he might just pull out his six shooter and end you right there on the spot. If that fella was a bit more democratic, though, you might settle a squabble with a good old-fashioned shootout. But that was more than 100 years ago, what about in the future? Well the only logical conclusion is that those shootout scenarios will still happen but they’ll take place in space. Obviously. That’s the premise behind Space Noon (Free). Aim at the opponent across from you and fire, but be sure to consider the gravitational pull of the asteroids in your line of sight. These are NOT straight shooters.

In case you couldn’t tell, Space Noon is a same-device multiplayer game for iPad, so when I say “the opponent across from you" I mean literally across from you. I absolutely love same-device multiplayer games, and I really like the idea of having to take the gravitational pull into account when lining up your shots. If you’re more of a lone wolf don’t worry, you’ll soon be able to play Space Noon in single-player fashion against the AI in a future update. For now though it’s a multiplayer-only affair, so if you have some friends (or more ideally, enemies) that you want to shootout against, and a spare 99¢ lying around, give Space Noon a look and check out the forum thread for more.

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