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‘Venture Kid’ Lives! New Trailer Available, Release Planned for this Winter

venturekidlogoWay back in February of last year, a trailer for a retro-inspired action platformer called Venture Kid got me all excited. You could clearly see the heavy Mega Man influence in how main character moved and blasted his weapon, as well as in the enemy and environment designs. It was a total love letter to Mega Man, and seeing as that’s one of my all-time favorite franchises, it pleased me greatly. It was also uncanny how well Venture Kid captured the essence of an NES-era title, from the music and sound effects right down to the flickering sprites and color palette.

Anyway, we didn’t hear much about Venture Kid for a long time, until this past July when the game showed up with a new trailer while lobbying for approval on Steam Greenlight. It was quickly Greenlit, and a couple of weeks later developer FDG Entertainment released a playable PC demo of the game, but that was the last time we’d heard anything. Today we’ve received word from FDG that Venture Kid is nearing completion and is slated for release this winter, and they’ve also sent along a brand new 30 second trailer for the game.

They don’t get any more specific than “winter" for Venture Kid, but I know that the entire team has really thrown their hearts and souls into this one, and they won’t release it until it’s most definitely ready. It’s a total passion project, which I really appreciate. FDG has said that the launch price of Venture Kid will be the shockingly low 99¢ tier, which seems insane for a game like this (or any game, really) but that’s the world we live in. So hunker down for a bit, store up on some food, and wait patiently for Venture Kid to arrive this winter, as once it does I’ll most certainly be going into game-playing hibernation.